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On Taking Things for Granted

There is so much we take for granted. That is, until we are in danger of losing it or actually do. In my own, case, the one thing I don’t take for granted is breathing, something that is so basic that most … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts on Prayer

Recently a friend who suffered a family tragedy some years ago shared with me the comment made to him by a priest. On the night of this tragic loss, the priest-friend came to the home and listened as my friend … Continue reading

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On Taking Time for Granted

“Time is of the essence/The crowd and player are the same age always/But the man in the crowd is older every season./Come on! Play ball!” So urges poet Rolfe Humphries in his great poem “Polo Grounds”. (New Yorker, August 22, … Continue reading

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On Prayer

When I was 4 years old, I wanted a pony. The fact that we lived in a triplex house with a postage stamp-sized backyard did not deter me. I wanted a pony. And so, being the good little Catholic boy … Continue reading

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