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On Books That Made a Difference

Each of our spiritual journeys is influenced by different sources. For some, it may be a particular mentor. For others, it may be specific experiences. My journey is filled with persons and experiences, some positive, some not. But many of the … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts on Prayer

Recently a friend who suffered a family tragedy some years ago shared with me the comment made to him by a priest. On the night of this tragic loss, the priest-friend came to the home and listened as my friend … Continue reading

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On Quotes

This morning I came across a quote I like while reading a recovery meditation book:”Forgiveness, gratitude, intimacy, gentleness, honesty: these are the gifts we give to ourselves and others when we live in the present.” This got me thinking about … Continue reading

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On Doubting

There is a Texas story about how creation is sort of like a turtle on a fencepost. You know that turtle didn’t get there by itself! People like me are always looking for turtles on fenceposts — signs of God’s … Continue reading

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