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On Being an Introvert in the Time of COVID-19

When this madness all started, I saw the above quote and, given that I am a self-declared militant introvert, it made me smile. I’ve seen similar quotes about social distancing. First of all, let’s be clear. Introversion is not being … Continue reading

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On Being An Introvert

Several years ago I cam home after reading a book titled┬áThe Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney and announced to my wife that I was declaring myself a Militant Introvert! In her book, Dr. Laney pointed out that many of … Continue reading

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On Spiritual Snapshots

I am a militant introvert. For too long we introverts would get a bad reputation as shy, antisocial and so on. Once I learned that we introverts are just fine as we are, I became militant. As a militant introvert, … Continue reading

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