On Fathers

I’d like to repost this in loving memory of Robert A. Patterson 1914-2000

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I am a clinical psychologist and have an abiding interest in matters spiritual.
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  1. Dr Rich ,I can truly relate with your your young friend ,I have come to believe you to be a real strait talker ,I have known a few young men that I think could be like him,I have not had hardly and sudical thoughts in the last year or so ,since I got off 3 and 1/2 of my nerve meds ,still on two having boy break with reality ,I am still on sterlaline an anti depressant ,feel like living ,starting to have a better memory and recall,i know the meds work ,they affetc the prostate ,I am really sure you have a very full life with your family and your job as a schotherapist ,and reading and traveling with your wife and being an avid runner ,I still go to church often and confession and try to make better communions ,have a new confesser who was an former Anglican priest ,and.elderly man kind and gives real intelligent well thought out homilies ,feeling real well keep reading your posts ,love them and you,I know wether you want me to wright this comment but I would like to ,my weight is at a all time low since I was 11 or Twelve ,122 lbs should be 172 by rights ,taking supplements also and have great colour and never felt better ,broke my left upper arm three months ago ,fell on dry ice ,see my therapist tomorrow morning then bone dr Monday ,like my son said you did your excersisses you let your self heal ,I wish your young friend the very best and pray for you and him ,please pray for me ,winston

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