On Martyrs: Dorothy Day

I wanted to repost this in memory of Clare Mummert, a beautiful spiritual woman here in El Paso whose godmother was Dorothy Day

Psyche and Spirit/Richard B. Patterson PhD


I trust that someday soon the Catholic Church will decalre Dorothy Day a saint (even though she did not like being called a saint). Dorothy is a saint to whom I can relate.

The first part of Dorothy Day’s life is the story of a lost soul — alcohol abuse, an abortion, suicide attempts, another child out of wedlock. But then Dorothy found a center for herself and converted to Catholicism.

Even in her “lost years” Dorothy was drawn to help the poor. After her conversion she and Peter Maurin founded the Catholic Worker movement, opening homes to the marginalized, offering meals to the starving. Catholic Worker homes can be found throughout the United States to this day.

Dorothy also became a prolific writer, in part through her newspaper. But, more than anything else, she became a Christ-like presence in our midst. Dorothy lived the Christian message. She ministered to…

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1 Response to On Martyrs: Dorothy Day

  1. Susan beehler says:

    Wonderful to be reminded of the influence of this true saint. I was privileged to work with one of her faith inspired workers, Brendan Walsh. He and his spouse ran a shelter for homeless women in Baltimore, Maryland. We also shared a campus ministry program focused on students from Peabody conservatory of music Md. institute of arts and university of Baltimore law. This was 1982-84. His spirit, past experiences with Dorothy day and his social-systemic understanding were such breaths of fresh air to our programs there. Thank you,Richard, for nudging out memories with your post.

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