On Spritual Mentors: Henri Nouwen

20 years ago today, this great man and spiritual mentor crossed over to his reward. I thought I’d repost this in his memory.

Psyche and Spirit/Richard B. Patterson PhD

Throughout my spiritual journey, books have been constant companions. They challenge me. They infuriate me. They encourage me not to give up. Many books too have had an impact on me. To Kill A Mockingbird gave me a role model for fatherhood. Carl Rogers’ On Becoming a Person gave me a doorway for trying to sit with others in pain. But only one book changed my life — The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen.

I first read this book in 1980. I thought that the concept of drawing on my wounds in trying to help others was a great thought — one I believed. Then I put it away. But it wouldn’t go away. I picked up Nouwen’s book again in 1983. As I read it, I knew where it was leading me. I resisted but finally on June 2, I faced my deepest wound. Nouwen helped me to finally face my addiction.

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I am a clinical psychologist and have an abiding interest in matters spiritual.
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  1. Susan Bass says:

    My husband believes that when you are married to a nurse, no matter how hard you THINK your day was, theirs was harder. And so it applies here. I wish I had a High School reunion to attend, but which one would it be? The Catholic High School where I attended Freshman and Sophomore year? The Public High School where I attended Junior year? Or the University where I attended what would have been my Senior year? My solace is that when my son graduates from High School, he will have attended the same school since Kindergarten. His classmates are like brothers and sisters and I am sure they will remain close throughout their lives. Maybe I can go to his High School reunion with him. By then it might not be embarrassing to have your mother be there. Or maybe it still would be.


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