On spirituality

For much of my adult life, I have looked for a bridge between psychology and spirituality. Jesuit teachers had encouraged me to think and so, when I began study at Indiana University (a “secular” school!), I began a journey that continues to this day.

It helped when I learned of the Alcoholics Anonymous distinction between religion and spirituality. This was a revelation! To that point, I’d assumed they were the same. AA thinkers argued otherwise. As I read their thoughts, I was reminded of the words of my deep-thinking son Andrew who at age 8 had said “All religions are just opinions, aren’t they, Dad?”

Indeed they are, Andrew! Opinions about the big questions in life. What if anything happens when we die? Who or what is God? Why are we here? And the really big one — why do we suffer?

So I invite you to join with me as we search for that bridge. A bridge made of psyche and spirit. A bridge not dependent upon religion.